February 06, 2010

Fancy Grilled Sandwiches

These are some of my favorite sandwiches to make. All it takes is some tomatoes, veggies, various cheeses, and bread + some spices.

This is what I used:
- 2 slices of home made bread
- 10 cherry tomatoes
- 1 avocado
- 1 mushroom
- 1 thin slice bulgarian cheese
- 1 thin slice smoked gouda
- 1 table spoon shredded parmesan cheese
- 1 thin slice blue cheese
- a bit of butter 
- a bit of mustard (you can substitute with curry powder -- it gives it a different tasty flavor)

Preparation & cooking time - 10 min.

On the bread spread the butter and mustard. Place a thin slice of bulgaria cheese, arrange the sliced mushroom, crumble the blue cheese, sprinkle with the parmesan. Then cut the cherry tomatoes in 1/2 and place on top, and finally finish with the smoked gouda.  Place the sandwiches in the grill. The important thing here is the bake on low temperature, so all cheese melts well. While waiting on the sandwiches to grill, cut one avocado length and arrange in a plate. When the sandwiches are grilled well ( I personally like them more toasty) -- simply enjoy! :)

PS sorry about the picture -- it just wouldn't get positioned right so finally I just stopped fighting with it.