February 11, 2010

Lunch in a hurry and questions for you :)

Not so many postings these days! The girls are not cooking, they're getting in shape for the V-day :)
Just be patient, we may see some exquisite dishes, post factum. Something like strawberry trifles, hazelnut semifreddo, or chocolate souffle ... oh my goodness, I can't wait ....
So,  here are the questions for you:
  • Do you cook for your sweet heart on Valentine's day?
  • What do you think the perfect Valentine's day dinner would be?
In the lack of great recipes, I'm sharing my modest lunch today.
I spent an hour in the gym this morning, and despite the delicious oatmeal breakfast, I felt hungry pretty early,  even before 11 am. I needed something light and satisfying to keep me full for a couple of hours. Fish and avocado are a great source of proteins and healthy fats, and I love fish, all kind of fish.
I remembered, I had a can of pink salmon left in the "cleaned out" pantry. I decorated it with one tomato, 1/3 of avocado, some celery and cilantro, spiced with salt, pepper, a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

It would've been better with a toast, but I haven't yet baked any bread this week. Even without bread the salad tasted great, fresh and not very fishy. As you can expect it was very reasonable calorie wise, around 220 calories.


  1. Nope, Lokuma. I expect to be treated like a princess on V-day :) haha, which means a nice romantic evening out at a nice restaurant:)

    I think chocolate is a must - check out Bittman's easy souffle recipe :)

  2. :) OK, Princess "M", that is a very good point, indeed!!!!
    I won't be cooking this year either, but based on my experience, sometimes a cozy dinner at home could be a very good option :).

  3. Agreed, sweet Lokuma

    I have a backlog of postings that I will unleash on you fellow bloggers very soon

  4. No cooking! Actually I am not quite sure how it will turn out, but we are leaving tonight for the mountain. We will be back late (to cook) Sunday evening, but we have Nugget’s on the way:)

  5. We will be skiing, and since I prepared the sandwiches that we will enjoy on the slopes, I can say that I have indeed cooked for my sweet heart for Valentine's day... And if it starts showing while we eat them then it would make for a very Romantic lunch! ;)