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Hearty Minestrone
Potato Leek Soup
Two Birds with One Stone or ...Moussaka and Soup
My Grandma Chicken Soup
Smoky Ribollita
Bulgarian Been Soup a.k.a "Zrial Bob"
ETL: Easy Breezy tortilla Soup
Stinging Nettle Soup
Coconut Split Pea Chana Dal Soup


Avocado Fennel Citrus Salad
Radishes and Greens
Pickled Vegetables - "Trushia"
ETL: Fennel, Bok Choy and Watermelon Radish salad
Shopska salata
Couscous Salad
Everyday Yellow Dal and Tangy Shredded Cabbage Salad
Arugula Salad with Grapes, Fennel, Gorgonzola, and Pecans
Avocado Fennel Citrus Salad
Root Vegetable Salad


Boulangerie Beans with Leeks and Potatoes
Not so Sauerkraut with Chicken
Imam Bayalda reinvented....
Vegetarian Chili - what could be better in a stormy winter day ...
Lentil and Greens Mish-Mash
Friday Night Dinner - Rack of Lamb and Potato Foccacia
Crispy rice and leek + fried egg = quick and tasty Saturday dinner
Salmon Fillet - Oven Roasted
Leftover Chicken Spicy Stew
Julias Boeuf Bourguignon
Two Birds with One Stone or ...Moussaka and Soup
Squasagna Perfect Squash Lasagna
Butternut Squash & Baby Kale Over Farro
Weekday Night Pasta with Winter Greens
Birthday Cooking Aftermath Thoughts
What's for Dinner: Indian Spiced Cauliflower and Potatoes
The Best Fish Crostini with Tomato Olive Salsa
Aloo Gobi-liciousness North Indian Style
Everyday Yellow Dal and Tangy Shredded Cabbage
Tofu and Asparagus over Quinoa
Mansoor Dal with Cabbage
Stuffed Bell Peppers
Fettuccini with Pesto Mushroom and Peas
ETL: Stuffed Zucchini
ETL: Mushroom Heaven
ETL: Bulgarian style vegan dolmas (sarmi)
ETL: Thai Curry for Beginners
Bibimbap (Mixed rice with vegetables) - Bulgarian style


Crepes or Palachinki (Палачинки)
Fried Plantains
Homemade Cherry Soda
The Best Eclairs Ever
Sugar Rush: Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies With Dried Cherries
Blueberry Muffins Re-invented - Vegan Style
Easy, Fast and Light Muffins with Blueberries
Eureka! Golden Granola
My Mother's Sweet Walnut Bread ...
ETL: Easy and Delicious Pumpkin Cake
Healthy Bonbons


Overnight biga for evening ciabatta
Crusty Ciabatta Rolls
Bread, Bread, More Bread...
Easy breezy cream biscuits
Holiday Sunflower Bread
ETL: 30-minutes Corn Bread
Grissini (Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes)
No-knead Bread
Zelnik (Зелник)
Bulgarian Feta Cheese Bread (Tutmanik/Mesenitza)