January 19, 2010

Tuesday dinner: Radishes and greens

I have always wanted to try radishes with butter and salt, a typical French snack and a gastronomical holy trinity of sorts for many a foodie.

Farm fresh red radishes are a must for me as I am not one of those true radish fans and find most varieties too "biting" and spicy. I figured today is the best day to give R+B+S a try, while the radishes from today's veggie box are still mild-tasting:

I sliced them in half and served them with Straus Creamery European unsalted sweet butter, which allowed me to tinker with the type of salt. I chose two varieties - Himalayan pink and samardala. I then spread a bit of butter and sprinkled a few grains of salt on a radish and popped it into my mouth. The contrast between the watery bite of the radish, the creaminess of the butter and the crunchiness of the salt is quite interesting.

My salad was simple:

The main course was the radish tops (greens), quickly sauteed them until wilted (3min) in olive oil with garlic and chili pepper flakes....

on top of umbrian faro ( 20 mins cooking time in my rice cooker):

I stirred the greens to reveal the faro beneath a bit better:

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