January 17, 2010

Farmers Market

My Farmers' Market

I am amazed at all the great information you guys are posting here. I haven't made anything in the last few days, however I went to the FM this morning to stock up on Veggies and Fruits. I got several Oro Blanco grapefruits (very sweet and great tasting), tangerines, Fuji and Pink Lady Apples, 1 head of fennel, walnut-rasin bread, russet potatoes, ginger, some sprouted beans, cale, shitake and crimni mushrooms, and some sweet snap peas. I am planning on making mushroom soup and probably some meal with the fennel. I also had an idea of making my own yougurt. As I don't have a yougurt maker, I am simlpy using a small pot. I heated organic whole milk (cream top) and mixed a bit of yougurt (about 4 table spoons). Then covered the whole thing with a thick winter coat (quite inventive, I know) and placed it infornt of my heater as I was worried it won't keep warm enough for 6 or so hours. Will report what happens soon. :)

The FM is quite colorful


  1. I can't believe this. You people in LA are so privileged! You not only still have FMs opened but you have heirloom tomatoes ....

    How the yogurt turned out?

  2. I was embarassed to talk about the yogurt (I was complaining to my dad earlier). It didn't turned out good. I am not sure what the cause was - either low temperature or the type of pot I used. I think next time I will try it in a glass dish as I believe the temp. should have been fine. Such a disapointment. :(

  3. ... by the way the FM here are open year-round. There is one at least every day of the week so if time permits one can buy totally fresh stuff every single day. Wish I had the time for that. I will post more pics when I go next time -- I love the atmosphere and now beaututifl and fresh everything is.