January 18, 2010

Blog Logo Contest - Updated

Please post your vote for the logo that appeals to you the most!

A) Red chef hat is floating on top of the "B" - black text

B) Chef hat is "tacked" onto the "B" - all black

C) Scratchunka Mimunka submitted the following logo:

D) Same as A but without a grid

E) Scratchunka Mimunka's logo but modified as per Slaninka's recommendation

F) Big Cooks with Green and Red "i"

G) Big Cooks - i's hat is Red


  1. I vote for "A" as well. It will be nicer thought if the checkered board patter is faded more or just removed. Love it!

  2. I vote for A, too, though there is something in C that's very appealing to me. Is it the three-color scheme, I don't know.

    Marulka, can you try to make sun on top of i in red color? Just to check, how it looks.

  3. I vote C, but i can go for a different color scheme... the blue and green are a bit to cold... i really like the orange image

  4. Lokuma - I cannot believe this - I had the EXACT same thought about the "i" but couldn't implement it

  5. Ok, I will rotate them - most people like A or (valdim e-mailed me btw - he likes A)

  6. We also have to test how the logos look in a banner.
    I'm still for "A" with faded grid.

  7. Cooks, I added two more versions of the initial logo and replaced the current version. My image on top of the blog appears very small though.

    How do you change the size of it?

  8. I have no idea. I just took a look and it seems that there is no setting to adjust the size. May be with html somehow, but I have no idea how to do that... :(