January 17, 2010

Oatmeal Sunday Morning

We had a terrific Saturday night hanging out with the 'rents, sipping cocktails and noshing on South East Asian apps at the E&O Trading company down south (my first visit of their SJ outpost). I have to say that while the food was good overall, the copious amounts of salt that dominated almost every dish managed to make me extremely thirsty overnight. What better way to counteract the salt overload than treating my tastebuds with a dose of velvety, sweet goodness (a.k.a creamy banana steel cut oats)?

I measured a cup of Bob's Red Mill organic whole grain steel cut oats (also known as Irish or Pinhead oats) that I had bought at Costco and sliced a very ripe banana on top of them. I then poured a cup of water and a cup and a half of 2% milk (I am a Straus Creamery fan) and sprinkled a tiny bit of salt (for extra creaminess), cinnamon (for extra complexity - you wouldn't even be able to taste it at the end) and Madagascar Bourbon pure vanilla powder on top.

While the oats are simmering ( it should take about 20 minutes), I am sipping my mini Nespresso latte and getting ready to tell you about our quick, home-made Saturday lunch...

The oats are ready, they bubbled for about 20 minutes and reached a pretty creamy consistency. I never cook them with milk so I was pleasantly surprised by the texture, not mushy at all, just smooth and thick, the oat kernel' shape intact but not crunchy.
Crisco's toppings: coconut flakes, goji berries, raisins, peanut butter, honey
My toppings: raisins, kamut+ spelt berries, peanut butter, honey


  1. We just got back from our Saturday Yoga class and your post made me even more hungry, Marulka! Lisa had no mercy today, the mirrors got fogged. I feel disassembled :)
    My oats are already cooked, I keep them in the fridge. Today, I feel like eating them with Feta. I put a little bit water and nuke them. Then add cheese.
    Can't wait to hear about your lunch.

  2. Lokuma, can you post a picture of your feta cheese oats?