January 22, 2010

Chowhound: How to Eat Less Meat

Here is a terrific article that lays out some tricks for keeping our vegetarian food tasting good:
- Umami
- Smokiness
- Texture
- Fat
- Seasoning
- Acid
- Techniques
- Sauces

THE PREVAILING NOTION these days is that cutting down on the amount of meat on your plate makes good sense. Some people believe it’s healthier, others are cutting back because of the environmental impact of meat production, while still others have ethical objections to the way livestock is raised. Whatever your reason, we’ve created “de-meatified” recipes for some classic dishes. We also interviewed a range of experts to get tips on maximizing flavor, richness, and texture in unmeaty dishes—because no matter why you’re cooking vegetarian, you want to come out with a good meal.


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