January 24, 2010

The Sunday report: Prep for the week ahead

Eating healthy with our insanely busy schedules and tempting high-calorie daily restaurant meal allowances can be quite difficult. Over the weekend, I try as much as I can to prepare for the week ahead. I cook batches of our diet staples, which include beans, whole grains, dairy products (and the occassional baking goods), which I refrigerate and use during the week. My objective is to make breakfast and dinner and pack healthy lunches during the week as often as possible.

I will plan to report it all in this recurring weekly Sunday evening post.

This weekend's run-down:
  • Soaked and cooked canellini beans (used one third along with the broth for a soup for Sunday dinner and Monday lunch ---tune in for the recipe tomorrow!)

  • Spelt / kamut berry whole grain mix - I use it as a whole grain for breakfast, as a topping (kind of like cheese) on gratins, or when I want to add an interesting texture to soups, stews, salads, etc.

  • Medium grain brown rice - I use it as a side, breakfast or an add-in to soups and stews

  • Yogurt for breakfast / afternoon snack (made a groundbreaking discovery --> heating up the milk in the rice cooker is a piece of cake)

  • Biscuits for Scratchunka Mimunka's breakfast or lunch


  1. ahhh wish I had all of this prepared for my week as well. :)

  2. It will be very helpful to know how long takes to be prepared such a nice stuff and what you will change or avoid next time.

  3. Zloiada e nai-golemia kritik na site :)