January 26, 2010

B(i)G Cooks - Big Tips: Carrot storage

I would like to introduce this recurring "column" to share best practices with respect to a multitude of topics. Please e-mail me your "tricks" or do a post under the "B(i)G Cooks - Big Tips:" title.

Today's topic is inspired by one of the many tricks Slaninka has up her sleeve, namely how to store carrots and keep them at their freshest. She shared this tip with me a few months ago and I haven't looked back:

Always remove the carrot tops to prevent these root veggies from going "limp" and preserve their crisp texture. Keep refrigerated.


  1. By the way you can cook the carrot tops. They are quite delicious in soups and meals or even salads. The same is true for beet greens.

  2. Great - I wasn't aware. I have cooked beet and radish greens with great success.