January 22, 2010

Fruity Friday Morning

Here's our fruity start of the day:
  • 1/4 of a giant Asian pear
  • 1/2 orange
  • pinch or two coconut flakes
  • dozen raisins
  • dollop of Straus Creamery yogurt
  • a couple of Duchily hazelnuts (they are oblong, not round)
  • Uncle Rumen's honey
Can you help me figure out which variety of honey this is? It's thick, bright yellow and very aromatic...


  1. Mmm, yummy!
    Slaninka is an expert :)

  2. looks really good. Marulke, what brand and from where are your plates/dineware? I realy like them. :)

  3. i think this is the sunflower or the "bilkov" (from borovo though) honey... I specifically asked Rumen when he was here and he said that the two bright yellow ones are either sunflower or borovo bilkov. THe sunflower is more bright and yellow, while the borovo is slightly darker yellow.

  4. I think this is the sunflower kind then. I had kept it in the fridge (1-2 yrs - and it was crystallized). I decided to "liquify" it given that our honey consumption has increased quite a bit...uncle's honey is so precious...

  5. Dona Domata - the dinnerware is by Villeroy Boch